On again / off again 100 times?

My ex invited me over and proceeded to tell me he doesn't want to be with me but I don't believe him. He is mad at me but no one spends time telling someone that he doesn't like them while asking me not to fuck up and making out with me. I think he is scared to have another failed relationship and likes being on his own. You think leave him alone and see what happens?
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  • I had a couple friends who we were convinced were going to marry despite them going on and off again for a span of 3-4 years. They were horrible for each other, always fought about the stupidest things. When they did break it off for good both of their lives improved a lot. Some stuff just isn't meant to be.


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  • yeah move on

    • I love him and he said a lot of good things so I have tried and just keep coming back to him. He has been burned by other women and actually is the best boyfriend when there is no label.

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  • It's best to just leave him now. He's an ex for a reason and it probably won't work out if you guys try to get back together.


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  • dump him and find sane guys


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