Girlfriend broke up with me randomly twice in a week after her friends interference?

I was with my girlfriend for eight (8) months when we broke up only on Tuesday because of adding pressure from her friends, whom hate me, and the stress of her college coursework. Tuesday, by the way, was only four (4) days ago.

Anyway, I left to go to her house (38 miles away) on Wednesday (3 days ago) and we solved the issue and she told me it was the combination of her friends always criticising her about me, changing around her because of her going out with me, and the mounting pressure from her exams, that caused her to change and to feel like she had lost love for me when all she had lost was the confidence to say it.

She looked me in the eyes immediately, on Wednesday, and broke down crying and apologised for being an "idiot", her own words not mine. She proclaimed she loved me, she reannounced her dreams of wanting to be with me forever yet now is Saturday and on Friday, last night, we suffered a similar problem.

She dumped me; out of the blue again; after spending time with the same friends who caused the original breakup on Tuesday.

She called me, last night, and announced (rather harshly) that she had no feelings for me and wanted to end the relationship.

This seems odd. Friday morning she was all loved up for me. Thursday morning and evening, she was all loved up for me. Wednesday, when I saw her, she was loved up, crying and wanting to be with me forever.

Now - her friends influence has caused me to lose her, again. However, this time is different. On Tuesday, when we originally broke up yet got back together, she blocked me on all platforms of social media so I couldn't contact her. This time she has yet to block me.

How do I win her back? I keep losing her to her friends but I do know, deep down, she loves me and I need her - honestly, and she needs me.

Girlfriend broke up with me randomly twice in a week after her friends interference?
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