I'm so confused?

So my ex-ldr from another country broke up with me on mother's day, after purposely starting a fight with me because he didn't know how to say that he realized a month before, he didn't know what love is.. He knew I loved poems and wrote one saying that he didn't know what love is and that distance could have killed his love too.. He blocked me on Skype and FB and told me to block him on kik, I told him I couldn't and for him to block me, he said that he wasn't able to completely shut me out, I mean, he said he feels something deep for me, but isn't sure it's love.. Then what the hell is it? we are still friends.. He was still having a decent conversation with me, he talks to me on kik, which isn't much since he never responds to his phone, why? I'm so confused.. :/ we were doing good, we talked on Skype everyday, we slept together over Skype.. I would constantly ask him, if we were okay and he would constantly tell me, "love you" and "mwah".. One day I woke up to him fapping and then I heard mouse clicking, was that a sign, things were bad?

1st pic-a poem from before the break up
2nd pic-poem during break up..
3rd pic-translation of poem I'm so confused?I'm so confused?I'm so confused?


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  • according to psychology love is a combination of intimacy , commitment and sexual attraction. so if any of one is missing is not love. In your case you were in ldr which removed attraction and confused him. He will come back to you once he feels lonely

    • He would always send me selfish of himself, silly and trying to be cute, he would sometimes say please over and over until I would give him one, he's way too cute, out of my league.. So I was usually reluctant to comply, and when I would send a picture, he wouldn't comment, which confused me a lot.. So I don't know, about the attraction..

    • Selfies ***not selfish, sorry

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  • LDRs are hard work, not everyone can do it. Maybe the distance was just too hard to handle for him, especially since he seems to have really strong feelings for you. It's like the other person is in your life, but they are not at the same time. It just can get very confusing and difficult to deal with.

    If I were you, I wouldn't have posted those poems here, they are very personal.

    • I thought so too, but he says he's very sure, he doesn't love me

      Which is why I cut his name out, if there was anything to show, that I misread, I was hoping for someone to point it out..

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    • What exactly should I say? I tend to word things badly or mess up what I mean >~<

      Also he's been changing his look recently, is that a bad sign?

    • I messaged him Friday.. And he barely opened my message today and never responded.. Should I just forget about his birthday?

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  • take sometime to understand each other well

    • Any suggestions for that? Anything would help

  • ignore that asshole


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