How can he just drop me like that?

Hi guys. To sum it up, me and boyfriend live together and have been arguing the last 3 weeks quite badly as he hates his job, money stress etc but we started to get over it and talk about our future on the weekend.

I came home from work on Monday to find he'd taken some stuff and had blocked me on everything. Also now found out he owes money on bills and rent and it was getting too much. I've not heard from him since apart from saying he'll always love me and he's sorry and needs time and space apart and hopefully that will help, also told the landlord he won't be coming back.

i know he's not with anyone else and is working from another of their offices. My question is, I know how much he loves me so how can he just up and leave over the "pain" of arguments? And surely if you love someone there's only so long you can go before you break and message them. He's about 30 mins away. How long do guys take to come back? How long can he go? I just want him back so we can work on things :( what's your advice on what I can do or not do to get him back? :( I'm tempted to drive up there today and try find him because I know if I'll see him we can talk it out, and so does he which is why he won't talk to me.
How can he just drop me like that?
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