Why is my ex acting this way?

I was in a relationship with my ex for about 13 months...during spring break she went home and barely talked to me or responded to anything during the week. I said we should not talk for 3 days and see where the relationship was at and decided from there. At the end of the three days, her mind was made up and she wanted out. Claiming she didn't have time for me, much less a relationship for the next year and a half. On top of that she threw every excuse at me why we shouldn't be together...that doesn't bother me...

A week and a half after we break up, I bust her at 4 AM with another guy in this parking lot on campus and they quickly drive away. The end of our relationship she claimed she had no time for me or to do anything for herself. But after only a week she spends her nights out at 4 AM multiple times with this loser...ugh is she crazy or what?!

On top of that I get messages from her saying that she is hanging out with guys because she is trying to get over me and this loneliness. However, she is gonna date this "new guy" in the fall...,wow that's all I can say...

Plus she went over-seas on a school trip for 2 weeks and many of my buddies went on it too...they told me she was getting interested in another guy she just met on the trip (holding hands, spending all day together), so now she's playing this "new guy"...wow again...wow

The odd thing is that when she gets back from Europe, she sends me a nasty text...why in the world would she do that?

Can any of the ladies help me out and tell me what could possibly be up with her...and after the break-up and the way she has acted, I don't talk to her anymore...she takes it as me being bitter and a jerk, but it's clear she can't disrespect me like that and still expect me to be her friend ( even though I've forgiven her) and has told me she wants too but hasn't backed it up...

1.) why is she acting this way?

2.) is that wrong that I want nothing to do with her, after the way she acted?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She's prob been getting around to boost her self-esteem after the break with you.

    I wouldn't want anything to do with her, she seems pretty nasty, she prob met someone else had a taste of being single and liked it... probably doesn't want to commit either, just play about, I wouldn't be her friend, it'll just be painful and definately not worth the aggro.


What Guys Said 1

  • honestly, I think the reason she gave for breaking up was a lie. I think she either wanted something new or just liked someone else. its real hard to tell. you were kind of overreacting to the fact that she stopped talking as much when she went home. maybe she wanted some time with family and friends.

    • That's what I was thinking too, but then it got worse and worse...like 5 mins a day type of thing, so I could totally see the signs

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