What does she want from me?

So basically this girl i dated for a year and a half came back after 3 months and she has a boyfriend now (i have a girlfriend now too) but a couple of days back she called me and we were talking but then she said she still loved me and i said i did too because deep inside i still haven't completely moved on yet. But then at the end she always says 'hey lets not talk again cause bla bla bla' but then the next day she's calls me again and the same shit happens all over again. I dont know what to do, because i was doing just fine and now im back to square 1 where im always thinking about her. However i do have a feeling that she just came back to see whether she could still control me like she used to. And now that she has found out she has somewhat control over me she's pleased and not even answering me. What do i do?
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  • Bud i would say that she is just taking advantage so ignore her and move one. Then a quick question. Is she worth losing your current girl?

    • I would definitely say she is not, so i completely agree with your comment, thank you bro

  • Just dont think about it


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