Is it just me or do you guys wanna just get back at everyone after a break up?

So as a male I've been pretty conservative, i am 20 years old and still a virgin but only because I have an old school mentality i feel about dating, not necessarily waiting until marriage for sex but wanting to find a female that I can have something actually special with idk? I've turrned down sex from "hoes", several times but i feel like due to my last break up for kinda being a push over, and with this new generation of dating, as a guy i want to be someone who bangs anything with a pulse and just not be able to care about anyone, is this normal?


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  • Hi, well i think this is admirable ftr. If you continue this way you will find someone and even if it doesn't end up lasting forever at least it would of meant something. I can only begin to imagine in the current times its quite difficult to achieve what you are looking for it seems a lot of females have changed their ways and the whole young relationship situation is awkward and troubled. Of course casual encounters are normal but it used to be more unusual for a lot of people to act this way regularly and to have intimacy people would get into a relationship getting to know each other first. Intimacy is more enhanced with someone you know and care about for sure rather a quick one off encounter for the kick, when you share your body with someone and your energies mix it does leave an impression whether people believe that or not, i do, so you are right to be choosy and take your time, good luck i salute you xx

    • Thank you for that by the way, but it seems diffcult now, especially when sex now is considered a major aspect of a healthy relationship, so vs many of the girls i encounter are experienced, I am not.

    • have a look a question i just posted something i think about a lot and inspired by you just now xx

  • i can tell by your description your different so keep looking


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