Friend feels sad after a breakup still, what advice would you give her?

So she broke up with her boyfriend last weekend. She's feeling tired and emotional at the moment and still missing the ex. He ended it after almost two years, cause he wanted to "find himself" that he "wasn't ready for a serious relationship" She feels he was influenced by his recently new friends , they all "fuckboys" according to her.


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  • Breakups are really hard. I would suggest chocolate, lots of hanging out with friends, fun drinking (not turning into an alcoholic), a makeover, a hook up (but just one. Don't want her to start depending on guys for validation), funny movies, sad movies (sometimes you just want to cry and be sad during breakups), and lots lots lots of distractions.

  • well I think she should forget about him and find her a new one who would sacrifice for her and love her from the bottom of his heart, and not who will forget about their 2 years in one second, better for her by the way since all his friends are fuckboys she got nothing to do with that type tho


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