Guys, how do you feel when your ex girlfriend's boyfriend is more successful and better than you?

I broke up with my ex of 2 years 7 months ago. I recently saw her Facebook posts that she has gotten a new boyfriend. It looks like that guy is a pretty successful and better than me; he own a nice house even with a fancy swimming pool while I am still living with family because I am struggling on saving money to buy a house which isn't happening any time soon, he knows how to cook many decent homemade meals while I don't know how to cook at all, he know how to enjoy life with fun activities and travel to places while I haven't done much due to constantly working and can't afford to at the same time. I know we are not together anymore and I should be happy for her that her life is way better with this guy than with me but for some reason, it feels like shit. I am not sure normal that I am feeling this way since I shouldn't have feeling for her, is it just me or if any of you guys feel the same?


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  • I would feel terrible seeing that. It's gotta hurt a lot. Hopefully it drives you to be as successful or more successful than him. So she can look back at you and say "damn I really missed out" it takes hard work. And especially time. But it feels good when she wants you again.

    • Our breakup didn't happen out of hate, just a mutual, peaceful one so I didn't intend to make her feel bad or get revenge in any shape or form, but I know what you mean. Hopefully I can convince myself and to do that as well.

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  • its hard but with good friends you can get past it. it hurts a lot

    • It does hurt. But I am so confused, if I broke up with her, it shouldn't be bothering me. Is it that I still have feeling for her deep inside? I don't think I do.

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    • if she is your first then you'll never forget her but making yourself is more important then bashing yourself up over not having her.

    • agreed. thanks

  • burnt to ashes

    • Huh? You mean you feel so sad that you are burnt to ashes for your feeling for her has burnt to ashes that you don't give a damn?

    • I'm telling you how I would feel. Pretty human nature.. dont judge!

    • I see...

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