I have to get in contact with my ex, so what should I say?

I dated my brother's friend for a little bit. It went from great to bad to good to bad to okay to I told him how I felt about him and he rejected me. It's been a month since that happened and I don't think he cares and probably doesn't want to talk or see me. My brother's been away but he comes back to town every so often. I told him what happened and he said everything was cool but he asked if maybe I could try to talk to him and make things cool. He said when he comes back he would like to go out with me and him and all of our friends and he doesn't want problems. My bro knows that his friend and I are the type to be stubborn and have an attitude, so he might be right about the causing problems part.

So I feel stupid about calling him. I don't even know if he'll pick up. Will he? And what should I say? Should I even bother?


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  • It may give some closure which would make seeing each other in public more. Give him a call and say you just want to make sure everything is cool btwn the 2 of you and that there are no hard feelings. He's a guy, so he's probably already let it go by the wayside.

  • well if you still want him then yes you should bother! I think that he will pick it up because there's been a long time since you last talk and maybe he want to approach you too but he doesn't know how!


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