Longtime boyfriend is hiding me from his family and friends. Should I just end it?

My boyfriend and I have been together over two years and we were talking marriage when one day we got into an argument and he flew off the handle, pulling my hair, embarrassing me in front of my family by screaming and swearing like a crazy person. He then threw me out of our apartment that we shared for over a year.

He also went and threw me under the bus trying to turn everyone against me, started a new relationship with another woman and kept harassing me after I blocked him.

We were only broken up for two weeks. One day he called me from a new phone and was finally calm and we talked about him going to therapy and getting back together.

He had me come over, he told me it was ok to move back in, and that he loved me he was sorry.

Then today, just two days later, I found out he's been lying to his family and friends that he's even with me. When I asked him about it he said he didn't want anyone to say anything about ME, even though he was the one who treated me like crap! :(

Im really hurt because I didn't do anything to him, because our perfect life became nothing so quickly and I feel like I became nothing in his life. I feel really hurt that he will have sex with me but won't acknowledge our relationship. I feel like nothing to him, and it hurts more that he was the one who started all of this while all I did was cry for two weeks straight.

I also dont don't think it's fair that he wants to come over to my families house and be acknowledged as my boyfriend to my family and friends and other men but will not acknowledge me to his family and friends.

He said he thinks we're moving too fast. Which I think is stupid, we've been together over two years and broken up two weeks!

Should i just end it? I'm just feeling like this is one sided, and possibly going nowhere.
Longtime boyfriend is hiding me from his family and friends. Should I just end it?
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