Really sucks being in love with your ex wife?

Every weekend I pick up my kids from my ex wife and she gives me a big hug when I pick them up and again when I drop them off. Im never the one that initiate the hugs. She knows I'm still totally in love with her. It's absolute torture for me because I don't want to let go. Is she torturing me on purpose?


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  • Probably so or she wants you to chase her. I would avoid hugging her unless she makes mention of wanting to get bck together

    • thanks, I actually have sent a text saying the hugs are torture but she never replies to those texts

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  • Yes it seems she is igotistic

  • she is egoistic , i can tell

    • she is actually the least egotistical person, with an extremely low self-esteem about herself even though she is beautiful. Just don't get it.

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    • then she is only showing her compassion and support , not love

    • I agree. I'm sure she loves you in some way OP but it sounds like she's just showing compassion. I suffer from depression and a mild form of PTSD myself and haven't cultivated a successful relationship in a few years because of it. It's tough but you'll move on eventually. Good luck hon.

  • you have my condolences


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