Why would my ex of 2 years now start to kiss me on the lips when saying bye and not the usual wave?

We were extremely happily married for 33 years. I hurt him really badly when I had to leave him. I didn't know why, I just had to get away. Later diagnosed with suffering depression and OCD all my life after a mental breakdown when he went off with the other woman. I've apologized and told him I was mentally suffering and not thinking straight and that I wanted him back and didn't want a divorce. However he divorced me 2 years ago and I've kept out of his way much of the time since. We text now and again and just lately he's started to give me a kiss when we accidentally meet up at my daughters or my parents, after spending the last 2 years calling out a bye into the air for me and definately no personal contact!


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  • maybe he is finally over you and can treat you like he would anyone else.

    • But wouldn't he kiss me on the cheek and not the lips if that was the case?

    • Maybe...or maybe not

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