Girlfriend went crazy after a simple fight ad now blocked me?

We were dating for two years becoming serious for the past few months really good together I was away due to work and when I came back she said she will come and meet at my place as her relative is there then she changed the plan few times and said let's go out I didn't want to but
I went to her place to surprise her and but it didn't go well and she was acting weird and I made a massive mistake and cause argument saying that I'm tired and won't come out and she got angry then I said fine if you insist I will and and she got angry and told me let's meet tomorrow and talk later and I tried to talk to her to go out but she didn't let go and I left
She went out when I left
Now after she blocked me everywhere tried calling her but didn't go though
Pleas e help me
I thought send he flowers with a note and I did but no response
It's almost One week gone and im going mad
This is very childish behaviour without even any conversation to cut all
I don't understand we have a trip plannned in the next week and I don't know what I should do anymore ticket hotel everything booked
tried sending next through my friends phone she read it and blocked him as well
what's going on
Should I approach her or... I'm going crazy and I really do love this girl


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  • she's acting immature. I mean if I got flowers I would go running back. and first fighting over silly reason and then blocking you iver a silly fight is not good. just give her some ti. e she'll surely think about it and make it up to you. maybe she's going through some stuff. give her some time and space. she'll be back.😊 think positive and positive will happen

    • Thanks for the comment
      To be honest the fight was only about that I was tired and didn't want to go out late which I told her and she said fine but got angry
      Tried to calm her down but didn't work
      It's one week gone and ethereal is still no news from her what should I do? Use common friend?

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    • Honestly don't know
      I'm on holidays with my friend and don't want to ruin this
      She is trying to make mess and unblock me to cause trouble
      She is asking why I tease her

    • omg bruh. listen carefully. block her right now. she can't even bear the thought of you being happy and having fun with you friends. she is ruining your trip by trying to getting you mad or tensed and ruining your mood. just block her right now. that'll teach her the lesson. because you're not the one teasing her she's playing some stupid games with you.

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  • There's more to this story that you tell us. No one goes ballistic without a good reason. You really fucked up, didn't you.

    • No actually I didn't
      I was tired from my earlier trip and didn't want to go out and our plans was to chill at mine but she changed the plan and said let's go out
      Which I said it's fine but don't want to stay longer
      That was it

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  • She doesn't want to talk to you. That's why she blocked you. It's best to forget her and move on. It's hard, but this is her decision.

    • I know she doesn't but this very childish and immature
      You don't want to talk send a text to your boyfield and just tell him that's all no need of this drama

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    • True tnx for the comment
      I'm sure you understand I'm going crazy now and don't know how to react to this

    • You're totally welcome. And yes, I understand! But I don't think you can do anything, since she blocked you. You have to wait till she initiates contact.

  • That's a really immature way for her to handle breaking up with you, especially after 2 years. take it as a sign, you lucked out. move on, she obviously was check out of the relationship already.

    • I know tell me about it I'm going mad we
      We're almost getting married
      But what happened
      If someone send romantic text at 9 pm and after a silly fight at 11 pm blocks you without even any explanation? This is crazy I'm going mad

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  • i have 0

  • Don't want you at her place, acts weird when you're there...
    I think she's been cheating on you

    • I don't think she was cheating
      There was something else we were so good that just one day before the fight she said when are we getting married and we discussed that

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