What does my ex want?

My ex broke up with me almost a month ago because I was too needy and dependent. We weren't getting along really well, we didn't see each other a lot and a week before that he had told me that he wanted to have an open relationship without compromises, which I was ok with, but after that he broke up with me completely.
I reacted very badly, begging him so he wouldn't leave me, stuff like that. But in the past weeks I've been better, the last time I contacted him was more than a week ago, so I'm really trying to move on. Also, I'm working in not being so needy and dependent and being more at ease with myself.

Saturday night he texted me at 5 am saying that he misses me and he loves me and basically just wanting to talk. He also told me that he was surprised that I was ok, that I was trying to move on in a healthy way, that he thought he was going to visit me on the hospital because I was going to cut myself because he left me (no joke)

But today I found out he unfollowed me on Instagram, so I don't really understand what's his deal. Is he surprised that maybe I'm not as needy as he thought I was? Is he having doubts?

I don't want to be in a serious relationship with him again because that would destroy what I've achieved in getting better, but I would love to talk from time to time and eventually be friends, but sometimes he says stuff like "some day we're not gonna talk anymore"
I try to leave things open, I don't know what the future may hold so I don't say "we're definitely going to be friends" but he says that kind of thing and it hurts me, and besides I don't believe him he wants me out of his life. I don't know what to do, I don't know if I should take some space away and maybe in a month re evaluate where we are, or try to solve things now.
What does my ex want?
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