I'm 26 and tired of being in a relationship of 2 years.

I've been with this guy who's two years younger and at first everything was great because he lived in the same area. Then, he moved away once he graduated. So, now, I rarely see him. I'm getting tired of texts and calls. I want a boyfriend I can see, hold and spend time with. He recently gave me a promise ring, but he said he'll probably not be ready for more until he's financially stable. He lives at home with his family still, hasn't ever lived away (except in a dorm) and doesn't have a real job.I don't know if I'm willing to wait for him to join the adult world. To top it all off, I've been getting the itch to just be single and have fun. Question- Do I end it or try something new to spark things up again?

In reply to what you all have said, yes, I am bored, want to meet new people and just have fun! Thing is...I hate break ups. They always end (as Dane Cook would say) violently. Plus with distance, is there a way to break it to him gently?


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  • You should be honest with him. And since he graduated, I see no reason why he shouldn't step up and get a job. You can work and go to night school, should he be a grad student.

    • Not true man that only applies to some degrees others are far more time demanding

    • Chef, I'm talking about grad school. Just about EVERYONE I know that attends works and does classes in the evenings. There is no program that requires you to take a full schedule in grad school.

    • He doesn't want to do grad school until he gets work experience...thing is, the hiring market for Business Managers is almost nonexistent. I suggested coming back for grad school (that's where I work) and the get a Grad assistantship...w/ added bonus of me nearby...but he doesn't want to give up on the possibility of a job opening up where he's at.

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  • I always say to stick it out, try and get over the little things. But for this question doesn't seem to have the light at the end of the tunnel, there's just a whole bunch of problems and it seems like the only reason you stuck with him until now is because you wanted to stay committed.

    End it.

    And of course he will probably at least want his ring back.

    • That's what I thought too, to stick it out. I thought, "You can't reach for perfection when it doesn't exist." So, I've been holding on...even though I might see him once or twice a month. *Sigh* And about the ring...he has it because it was too big and I gave it back to him to fix. (Idk why that annoyed me even more)

  • I would end it and move on. Life is much more enjoyable when you are free to have fun. Heck, you might even meet someone else and forget about him.


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  • END IT you gave him 2 years and your not missing anything but all the other guys that are there! and that can be there for you and probably give you a fireworks show not just a spark...you ever heard of that saying you will be better when your older well that saying is for him...im mean if he was around and you were madly in love with him that's different your not so why stay in that mundane box with him with his fadeing promises and wasting this fadeing time? I'm reading your question and you just sound bored lol you need to be happy, you need the excitment its all up to you to grab it.

    • I am bored! What sucks though is how all of my family is like, "Your 26 and one of the last in the family to settle down. Stick with it and it will get better." In my hispanic family, if you're not married by 23, something is wrong with you. But in all honesty, its like my "want" to be married kind of slipped away and I just want to have fun with no strings attached. Is that crazy for someone my age?

    • No its not crazy at all...they want you to be married but they are not considereing you own happiness...follow your heart not you family wishes...just think of being married to him I mean it would satisfy your fam but would it satisfy you? and how long when I'm sure there is more of a well fit guy out there for you. Don't settle grab what you really want and have fun!!

  • i think you should talk to him about every thing but if he don't want to move in with you or what ever you need to talk about then break up with him

    • Don't wanna do the whole living-together thing...last time I did that, it ended like a divorce with, "That's mine, I want this back, my parents gave that to us so I'm taking it..." crap. I just want him close by.

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