Please please please help me?

Hi, so I just need help figuring out where I stand with my ex.

So last year my ex and I had a very bad breakup in which he cheated on me and then called me crazy and made me look awful in front of everyone we both know. We both are in college so the break up happened during our semester, and then the following summer we still kept in touch and would hook up.

The fall semester after our break up and the drama we ended up living in the same building. So the girl he cheated on me with was in a club with him, a club he refused to leave. he kept telling me nothing is happening between them anymore and to get over it and would emphasize how he won't leave his club. During fall i caught him with this girl 3-4 times and each time he would deny it even happening and once again would make me feel crazy and stupid.

Then winter break happened and he left for a trip, when he returned he completely ghosted me only seeing me twice during that semester and that was simply to hook up.

recently we started talking again and he says how he doesn't regret ghosting because we needed time and we again hooked up twice. I still dont know for a fact if he's with her or not and I feel stupid for still speaking to him.

This entire break up broke me, i lost so much and he won. He lied and cheated and walked away being the better guy and I was left alone and with a lot of people ready to talk trash about me.

I can't figure out his intentions and dont know what to do. I want him to love me again and for us to be good but i dont know what im lacking or doing wrong.

Basically I am looking for advice on why he's doing this, if he will ever get back with me or simply how to let go and move on. Thank you so much for listening
Please please please help me?
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