How do I get over him?

There's this guy who totally played me. He's the type of guy who is a fboy but doesn't let it show. I kinda had a little crush on him and then he asked for my snapchat. Obviously I gave it to him because well, he's him. We ended up hanging out later that week and stuff happened. We just started making out casually and of course I didn't mind. After that we became a thing. He told me how amazing I was and how much he missed me when we weren't together. But through all of that he never wanted to tell anyone, not one living soul could know about us. Besides that everything was perfect. We kept hanging out until he finally popped my cherry. A few days later we were just talking and I was fed up. I just came out and said "I feel like your embarrassed to be with me. Nobody can know about us, why? If you really loved me then we wouldn't have to be a secret. So please start caring or leave while you have the chance." He kind of brushed it off and left when his ride came. That night he snapchated me out of the blue "Bye". I was really confused so I asked "what?". He just said "Well you said leave, so I am you discussing whore". Then blocked me. I was heartbroken. I didn't know what to do. Later that week I found out the real story, he had a thing with another girl the whole time and when they finally did "it" he asked her out and they were dating. So yeah. He will still flirt with me because he knows I still like him. I can't stand to see them together or even be by them because it hurts. On top of it she's one of my friends and she has no idea why i've been depressed lately because obviously I can't tell her that her boyfriend broke my heart. So here I am. What do I do?


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  • I've been in secretive relationships before, and they have their benefits, they do
    No interference from others
    No distractions when you're together, it's just you 2
    No 'public loving' shite, cheesy crap on Facebook OR no showing your attractive partner off like she's a fucking trophy. It's very straight forward when there's just the 2

    • yes but he acted like i was the worst thing in the world. he didn't even want to be seen with me in public

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    • So you love him? Heart goes out to you mate x

    • thanks :))

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  • personally judging from your age your in school so it will be hard to avoid both of them but i think you owe it your friend to tell her and tell her the truth because your are friends and hopefully she will understand but if not you know that you've relieved yourself from this "depression cloud" and in terms of the guy he's an fboy so dont even let him jumble up your thoughts/emotion and school x


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  • Find someone else. He's a dick. If the girl that he's also seeing is really a friend, you should probably tell her that he's a dick too!

  • find someone else.. make some frnds u cn talk wid whn u feel low


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