He cheated on me twice, and has been dishonest on so many things I physically can't get over it?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for more than 3 years we was always good and happy but during last year we kept arguing over silly things this will happen again and again. I never fully trusted him hence why we would always argue. One time I just couldn't take it and said I just want a break for a week we were still together but I just wanted distance to get my mind over things. Within that period of time he started speaking to another girl from his uni whom really likes him which his aware of.. they exhcanged snapchat instagram even numbers they were getting pretty close doing all this behind my back straight away all i said was i want distance for a week we were still together. I confronted him about it and he gave me this bullshit story like you got until Friday to make ur mind if you want to be with me, if your answer is no then im gona go over to this girl from his uni house to watch a movie together and apparently the girl said she's going to make him forget all about me and kiss him etc. Me being absolutely pathetic took him back after this supposedly he stopped that was the first time. A year later we kept arguing then being lovey dovey we always got back together. He said that his brother was dating a girl. He kept going on and on about this girl asking if she's pretty asking for my opinion saying she's just like me in so many ways. A couple days later i come back from a city holiday and he straight up decides that this relationship is just toxic and we should just break up. After breaking up he confesses that his been speaking to this girl as soon as i left the country for 3 days he added her on all social media even got her number saying that his brother was never really dating this girl this entire time it was him who was moving to her and that he really wants to move on from me to her etc. I'm so hurt by this i really don't know what to do. No ones ever disrespected me like that and cheated on me. what should i do i really can't get over him.


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  • I think you need to move on from him, there are so many guys out there who won't treat you like that


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  • At least for the first time, that was your fault. You said you wanted a break for a week so you can't really hold that against him. If you guys keep breaking up getting back together breaking up it is bad juju, just move on.

    • I don't agree, it wasn't her fault, if he truly cared for her, he wouldn't get over that quick.

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    • I understand that he had a right to do that but it also shows that he doesn't care about her very much since he could move on that quickly

    • Yes I agree with you on that point, he clearly wasn't into her if during his 1 week break (which is short as far as breaks go) he is already seeing other women.

  • give another man a chance of that sweetness


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