Why is my she acting crazy?

I met this woman who is 10 years older than I am. We were friends with benefits although we acted more like we were in a relationship. Essentially, she broke it off a week and a half ago because she just wanted to focus on herself again.

After trying to get her back ONCE, I immediately went into NC. Within several days she has attempted to text me. I would reply within several hours and without giving her the opportunity of continuing the conversation.

Last week, we didn't text each other on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday though, she texted me saying "guess you were in it for one thing. Catch you on the flip side". I replied that my feelings for her were genuine and i'm respecting her space. She didn't respond.

Friday evening I saw her at the gym and she attempted to talk to me on several ocassions although I had to keep my distance from her a little bit. She attempted to talk to me after I was done but I told her I was in a hurry. After, she texted me asking if I was ok. I replied "I am good. With a friend. Ttyl"

Following morning, she texted me if I was going to do a class at the gym. Then on Saturday morning, she tried to call me and then started calling me some names as I was trying to keep the conversation short. When I saw her at the gym, she was completely ignoring me.

Just to back track a little, last weekend I was at a cottage and I posted some Snapchat stories. WITHIN MINUTES, she is the FIRST one to see it. It continued on throughout the rest of the week! She was always seeing my Snapchats FIRST!

Yesterday, I posted again on my snapchat out of curiosity to see if she would see it first! IT HAPPEN!

So she was EXTREMELY rude to me on Saturday when I simply am respecting her wishes of space. But Sunday, she was the first to see my snapchats? like the FIRST ALLL THE TIME!
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I kinda do want her back wht do I do?
Why is my she acting crazy?
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