If I contacted my ex after a year and a half, what would he think?

We haven't talked since the break up but he told his sister/my best friend he wanted to be friends with me again.

He screwed me over basically for the girl he told me he didn't like, and got with her right after our break up.

But now I think he's getting annoyed with her and even though I don't want him back whatsoever and I don't see him like I used to, I don't want to have to hear from him about the amazing girl I got left for.

I want to leave our past in the past and move on as friends because after so long I don't want it to still be awkward when we're around each other. If I texted him would this be a bad idea? What would he think? I don't want him taking it the wrong way.

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  • Don't do it. If he wants you bad enough let him do the work. Why would you reach out to him when he walked away from you? Yes, I totally understand that you don't want things to be ackward but realize that if he wanted the friendship, he would have made it happen.

    Need proof? I had one chance to see to my ex, just one(she was leaving to go on holidays for a month, she was killing time until she had to leave for the airport and I didn't want to wait until she came back). What did I do? I left work told them I had a family emergency and in hopes to catch her while she was alone. I just had to see her. I came back to work after saying I'd only be about an hour (I was gone for three hours) and I almost got fired, but I didn't regret getting in crap to see that pretty face.

    • I understand what you're saying but he did try to text me and I was still mad at him so I responded to his texts with no attempt at conversation and sorta had an attitude. I kinda shut him out when I was mad and he liked my Facebook status the other day and commented on one of my posts. He's not very Facebook active so I don't know if that's another effort

    • Texting is not communicating. I just finished telling you that I almost got fired from my job to just see this person. If he wanted to have a friendship he would try harder. He would take that chance of being rejected, because sometimes you have to take risks and put pride aside, you know.

    • Yeah I understand. But I'm not dying to be his friend. I was just gunna suggest a friendship because I fel like the awkwardness and how when I'm around him we don't talk to each other and ignore eachother, I think that should end. If he doesn't want to then fine. I'm not doing this because I care deeply about being best friends with him and if it weren't for my best friend I wouldn't be doing this. But since I have to be around him don't you think I should make the best of it?

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  • I don't see anything wrong with talking to him. And tell him exactly what you said here, You don't want to get back together at all, you just don't want things to be awkward and you see him differently now. He wouldn't think anything bad. It's been over a year. So no big deal. Just stay mature.

  • I don't think you should talk to him. Your said it what's in the past is in the past. Girl, you know if you text him and his girl finds out there is gonna be drama. Just move on; like you said you already have.

    • There won't be drama because we had a secret relationship. stupid I know that now, but it was becuase of my best friend/his sister. she started catching onto us and got mad so we just hid our relationship and his current girlfriend doesn't know.

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    • Woah.

      1) he didn't cheat on me with her or anyone at all. he dated me secretly, and then after he dated her. we were together but nobody knew because his sister would get mad since I was her best friend....

    • Oh I see.

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