Trust in a casual relationship (not exclusive)?

Have you ever been lied to by a significant other who you hoped to get to the next level with? Was it a deal breaker or did you forgive the other person? Was it a game ender? Or just a game changer?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's a deal breaker because they can no longer be trusted. Once the trust is gone the relationship is over

    • What about forgiveness? Doesn't the good action outweigh the bad? Plus, what makes us judge others so harshly? You have never told a white lie? It's never a good idea? Does it always lead down a bad path to try again? I have a problem judging others because I make mistakes too.

    • It isn't judging. I'll forgive but that still doesn't make their actions right. I'll forgive but I still won't take them back

    • I understand :(

What Girls Said 1

  • What was the lie you told?

    • When our son was on his iPad early in the morning I looked at his personal email and FB. He felt like I was dishonest because I said it was for our son to watch a video. It was and I didn't read anything. But he doesn't trust me now. So we are apart and I put a fake profile to catfish him and see if he has game with women and now I know he doesn't. I told him and didn't hide what I did and he is mad. At the end of the day I love him but messed up. Curiosity killed me, no excuse I just hope to get another chance and do better.

    • Was there a reason you felt you needed to do that?

    • He doesn't open up or want to be a couple but acts like it. He doesn't date other people but flirts because he is insecure and I am very insecure without a commitment. I do know he loves me because he talked to me a lot about it. I self sabotage and I can't give a good reason for bad choices.

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