Why would an ex say he wants to stay friends or says he deeply cares but then never responds and then leaves you on read? Did I offend him?

Should I just give up on him?


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  • From my experience when a guy, or when anyone, says they want to "stay friends" they really mean "let's just hardly talk and remain neutral to one another".
    If the way he's acting bothers you that much then just confront him about it.

    • Your first sentence really struck a chord with me, I think that might be how he meant it

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    • I don't understand males..

    • Aaaand that's pretty much one of the reasons this website/app was made.
      It's silly how differently the sexes think from one another.. Men don't always understand women, and vice versa. I'm pretty sure both genders want generally the same stuff in life and yet we end up miscommunicating somehow.

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  • He's a lying arse or he finds no point in talking to you, and a myriad of other explanations. Don't worry about him being offended or ask. If he doesn't respond to that, move on.

    • I was going to wish him a happy birthday and then if he doesn't respond, give up

    • If it's on Facebook, don't expect anything.

    • No, I would tell him on kik

  • I would walk away
    it sounds like he is keeping you on the hook in case he wants you later

    • We were having such a good conversation on my break at work and then I had to leave only to see he doesn't respond for a few days and then only to be left on read :/

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    • I'm sorry. that is a bummer. I hope you can let it go and find someone who truly does care for you

    • I want the same thing tbh.. I had a good dream about him, a week later, a nightmare.. I just want to forget him

  • if your boyfriend is from india and your relationship was really serious... then he still loves you

  • it depends on the person.. if he really cares you, he could say that.. and when he wants to keep you on waiting list, he could say that too,,

    • Waiting list? Like with other girls?

    • ... yep, so he can have some time to think and so on.. know what, generally, boys love is physical.. girls love is mental... that's the nature.. like or don't , we have to accept that

    • He did say that he was too scared to fall in love with me and then that he would need physical interaction..

  • No , Devil came to his mind or he was already planning to leave you... May someone punish him...

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