Guys, Should I reach out to my ex?

We broke up a month ago and it was odd. I noticed a change right away. We had hung out two days before and that night was good, he even talked about how he mentions me every other sentence. We simply got each other and so many levels. Yet, the change happened when I didn't hear from him for most of the day, it wasn't that big of a deal but it was noticed. Few days later he went on a rant out of no where about people working jobs they hate and how he didn't understand why they'd do something they didn't enjoy. Couple days later I asked if he was okay, he said fine and asked why I asked. I told him it's just been a weird vibe, he then sent me a text on the things stressing him out; between his parents and school. I tried to help but it didn't get far. A week later we had a phone call talking about what was happening. He said he hadn't noticed that he was growing distant. Then proceeded to say he wasn't sure if we wanted to emotionally invest in the relationship be people break up in college and that was worrying him. We both said we didn't want to break up but I was still upset. He called back said he wanted to make it work. However, I still barely heard from him and was always left on read; when I did hear from him he was always pessimistic and complaining or stressed. We went to a concert together and things seemed fine and normal except he asked me if i wanted him to pick me up and I was upset because I simply assumed we'd go together since he asked me. Once again I didn't hear from him and I sent a long text at 5 am about how it felt like the relationship was fading away. He responded that he'd put more effort. I then hadn't heard from him for days after that, I knew he'd be busy with family stuff but I couldn't help but feel forgotten. He then finally texted me and things seemed okay and he said he'd text me later but never did. I reached out about prom details and he was rude in his response.
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He told me he didn't want to go because he wouldn't know anyone. I then asked if he wanted the relationship and he said not really. Then became unusually short in saying he just wanted the title of being in a relationship and that he doesn't know why he's grown distant but said it would only get worse with time if the relationship continued. He apologized and I responded. I told him that it hurt that he was prolonging it so long and said how I really do like him and it sucks.
Guys, Should I reach out to my ex?
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