In or out? what would you do?

If every time you enter a relationship, you second guest yourself if you should be in it... should you even be in a relationship?
I have had this. issue where every time I enter into a relationship, in a couple months time I doesn't want to be in it and I question myself why I am in it. trust me the guys a great guys so it's not the guy's fault. just mine. And no there is no unfaithful or any issue like that. just I question myself why I am in it... does this happen to anyone? any advise? please helpp


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  • doubts are natural but the thing is what's the source of the doubt?

    • well I fell in love with this guy and he was the only guy I am sure off but we couldn't be together. And since that it's difficult for me to be in a relationship without having doubts.

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    • I am not. only two serious relationship I had and I had doubts. before the relationships even start I say no because I begin having doubts.

    • so why didn't it workout with the one? what was the problem?

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  • I go through that, too. I just put all the pros and cons on a piece of paper. Afterwards, it suddenly stops feeling so wrong

    • it's been happening to me for some years now. it's every time I enter into one or I try to take it to the other step, I question myself and I just don't do it

  • Well in and out together gives pleasure. If you keep it in for long it will shrink soon. You need friction and rubbing to keep it hard.


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