Guys, any insights on what might be going on in his mind? I gave my all in the relationship and he just left me?

long story short. I gave loads of care for him. after two years of him trying to get me to love him by showing love and care , when I finally start trusting him and stopped showing him attitude and started caring, he broke up with me over a silly fight that took place between our mutual friends? because the fight took place included our relationship. we were to marry eachother and were very happy the past few months. but he broke up with me and said that he really really doesn't know what the future holds but right now he wants to end it. I mean I'm sure he loved me. but is the love all gone now? he used to tell me he was trying to I. press ne for three years before we started dating and we were going great. but he dumped me. and I texted him to ask why and he blocked me? does he hate me now? why is that? guys any insights on what might be going on in his mind? anything would help.


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  • I am in somewhat similar situation with my girlfriend of 2 years. I know she also gave her effort in the relationship but I am just too tired when she is being extremely dependable when I have my own shit to worry about so I argued with her and ghosted her. Now think about it, it wasn't a mature thing to do.

    • yes it's a bit Immature thing to do. but we give the reasons to guys. but people here are saying that he never loved me which makes moving on harder on another level. they say that he was trying to love me but now he finally realized that he didn't so he broke up with me. I mean how can that be true.

    • I can't say for sure for your situation, but even though I did ignore and ghosted my girlfriend, I actually care about her and still miss her. I did that because I have some depression which makes me want to isolate myself from people, including my girlfriend, and have no interests to other things, including our relationship. Now I look back, I wish I can take back what I have done, or at least tell her what is going on when she messaged me instead of ignoring her. But the bottom line is, could something else that has caused the breakup? Like your bf's mental disorder to caused him make dumb decisions like I did with mine.

    • my ex does have depression. it comes and goes. his family life is not that good and he had a lot of pressure on him about his career and studies too when we fought. and another reason that I'm pretty sure is he has this friend, not close but kind of close he was always jealous of the relationship. I think he told him some lies about me. my ex never handles problems. he broke up with me a year and a half ago too because there were some serious problems that happened in our relationship. he is immature and weak.

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  • Maybe he stopped loving you way before that fight.
    Something like that happened to me too... but... in my case I was the one that dumped her.
    The first thing before a relationship... you should stay close to him for about 6 months... don't show your care or anything... let him do something to show you that he deserves it... and you will also find out his true intentions.

    • yeah. but I couldn't trust him and the first two years were spent him trying to impress me and get me to love him all in a sweet way. he changed his mind within just three weeks. before that he was head over heels for me. I don't care about him anynore because he hurt me a lot. but it would be nice and easier if I knew the reason. and did he just stop loving me. all the love of all those years just gone within three weeks

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    • so he was that good of an actor. showing loads of care and going out of the way to make me feel special. not only me he had everyone fooled even his brother told me that he really loved me. I guess I was stupid to trust him

    • I wouldn't say that.
      This so called love can be sometime deceiving, you may think that you love someone because you are attracted to him/her, but in time you will see the true feelings and their meenings :)
      I don't think he faked it, more likely he was deceived by his own mind.

  • i wouldn't say he didn't love you. but you can't force another person to be in love with you? you can have a fun exciting relationship with someone and not be in love with them, but i think it shows you that by him blocking you and with him being so harsh that maybe, and sorry for saying this, his heart is elsewhere... or just thoughts

    • but there is no other girl..

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    • weve all watched enough films or read enough books to all want that amazing relationship and what they should all be like and they can be. but also what we are told and im sure this is right is that there is that some one special for everyone out there. so maybe he's not the one, for whatever reason? maybe he did love you? but you said youd done all you that could, and that should be enough. with some one else it will be x

    • let's see what happend. I really hope that at least he wasn't acting to love me and if he was then he had me, everyone arpu. d us and even his own brpther fooled. because his brother told me that he really loves me. I don't know about now. I have no idea if he's happy or sad or depressed. I don't know what it is now

  • does he want anything more from you

    • nope. not at all

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    • it's my opinion.

    • yeah.. maybe... I really am going crazy because he didn't even give me a reason and seemed pretty pissed off. I've been thinking about this all month

  • I wish Indian girls were like you all.

    • how does that in any way... help me?

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    • ''i wish indian girls were like you all'' and ny question ''guys, any insights on what might be going on in his mind? I gave my all in the relationship and he just left me?'' I used my brain, like you told me to but still can't see a connection between your comment and my question.😊

    • Why would someone post this to you?

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