I am so so so sad. I am not even sure why?

I am so upset because this guy is driving me crazy. I said I won't catch feelings for him. I did not want to. I thought it was going to be easy to not do so if I was aware that he was a player. I am not sure if I like him or his attention. I get sad when I don't get messages from him, but I also get upset when I get messages from him, because I get... nervous? Anxious? My parents are getting divorced. I failed a class. I am ''talking'' to a few guys but none of them (only the player) have asked me out. I feel so lost. I feel ugly. and worthless. My brother hates me. I don't really trust my friends anymore and I don't know why, they are very nice. I day dream about 1. Me having an accident and dying or 2. My whole entire family having an accident and dying. Now I'm not sure what is the thing bothering me the most. I feel unwanted by everyone. And also, I think the guy I went out with a few months ago is talking shit about me with our friends in common, because they no longer talk to me.


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  • First of all Don't watch "13 reasons why"
    Secondly, remember that it's just a phase and you have to be strong. -What you are going through is a lot, and you are a very sweet and sensitive girl, but you should know that it will all build your personality and get you to be tougher. You can't grow without suffering. but you can suffer without growing, depends on how you handle it. just be patient and strong and you will get through this I promise!! just make a picture of you after 5 or 7 years and see how you wanna be at that time, keep it always in your mind so you subconsciously work for it.
    Am so sorry that you are this hurt. I really am but you can get through this I promise..
    Here's my account if you wanna talk and have a friend to lean on! I can help you feel better whenever you want to.



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  • Well, you just feelin lonely, and gettin depressed, because life is handin you a bowl of sh*t.. Some of the things you are going through could be clouding the way you see other things in yo life.. But you'll be alright, just think that things will get better for you.. Just stop havin those type of thoughts, and if you got somebody to talk to.. Talk to them, and vent out..

  • you are just at a stage of life, where everything is falling apart, infront of you, and you are just sitting infront of it, and watching fall apart, because you can't do anything to stop it. i also been there many times in my life.
    all i can say is, Just Hold On, Stay Strong, this will be very and too much tough for you, but im damn sure you will become more stronger. right now it may seems to you, that it will never get better, but trust me,*you dont know how much strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have* Stroms in life never lasts, but tough people do

  • im sorry?


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