Breakup help and moving on?

I broke up with my my girlfriend of 3 years, who can only be described as my first love, around 3 months ago now and I'm struggling. I'm not too sure how to get over her. I have to see her most days because otherwise I can't see my daughter. Everything just seems shit since the break up really.

I was just wondering what the best way to move on is. I'm fed up of feeling miserable, lonely and sorry for myself. Any help is appreciated.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Give yourself time. Remind yourself that it's normal and okay to be upset. You'll allow yourself to take time to heal properly especially with your daughter involved to bake sure she has the right upbringing. Keep yourself busy with work, hobbies, family and friends. Venting through listening to music, writing, driving or reading books helps too. Just make sure you take care of yourself (shower, eat, sleep etc) you'll eventually be okay. Everything happens for a reason

  • then why did you break up with her


What Guys Said 1

  • daughter? shit that's really tough. maybe go out and mingle with other fishes?


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