Need to forget my first love.. need ideas / new friends?

me and my colleague were in love with each other for the past one year. we met each other in office only. we started talking and that one year friendship changed into love. we were very happy in these two years. but misunderstanding seperated us. now I'm alone. she is happy with her new boyfriend.

I couldn't able to forget her. need some relief measure. is it right to have relationship (just friend) with other girls.

if yes means.. is there is any girls who is willing have friendship with me. I need good friend (not love) to whom I can share my feelings. it will be better if she is also like me (love breakup).


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  • Let me help you.
    She doesn't exist, tell yourself that if possible. If it's not possible then make it possible.

  • i feel you there. its sad and degrading. i remember how her imperfections were perfect in every way to me. and i saw nothing but pure princess. i want to die now

  • Have sex with enough other girls until you stop caring. That's what every girl does. In addition to that, focus on your own goals and self improvement.


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