Should I dump my boyfriend for ignoring me?

We both live in opposite sides of London and we both used to work full time. We used to see each other every moment we could including weekends where we would stay at each other's apartments. He has social anxiety, and so our communication on the phone was gradually built up.

He would text me every Morning with a sweet message, or goodnight which was lovely especially when we didn't get to see each other and we would talk on Whatsapp throughout the day. Lately, I feel very disconnected. It started when the texts stopped coming in the mornings, and when I mentioned it, he mentioned it'd be nice to see some nice morning messages from me too. I'm not a lovely dovey girl, but I made the effort and started texting him first too. But funnily enough he texted even less and so I gave up on it but we still had general conversations. Notably, he's currently not working (and neither am I) so it's weird we see each other less than when we worked full time.

He's not mentioned meeting, and when I asked as it'd been just over 2 weeks, he spoke of not having enough money for petrol or train fare. In a conversation the day after he was complaining about the traffic to somewhere much further than where I live (from his house).
On Saturday (it's Wednesday as I'm writing this) he texted me saying he's feeling really down. So I texted back and asked him why he thinks he feels the way he does... He has read it and not replied.

I want to support him, but the truth is I've also been feeling down, and something I haven't mentioned is his tendency to be really into his own feelings and not taking into account mine. I don't think it's right that he can choose when he wants to speak to me. And even more annoying that in the past when I suggested a break (for both of our benefits) It was a NO, but now it's like he's taking his own personal break without even letting me know.

Sorry for for such a long question, but id appreciate any advice that comes!


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  • You should follow your heart, gut feeling.
    You can talk to him about it 😊

    You two living in the opposite areas in the river Thames isn't ideal but you two made it through the time so far. 😊
    What you think?😊

    • Firstly, thanks for reading all of that lol. I'm not sure if I'm petty but I don't know if I want to reach out after he's ignored me 😩 & I think I'm fed up now because it doesn't even feel like I'm with someone

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    • Yeah, but I did just out it up so I'll give it a bit more time! Hopefully I get a few more opinions to help out. Thanks again

    • No worries, thanks for the advice on the girl i know

  • You should talk to him about it instead of asking strangers.

    • Lol that's the whole point of this site. To ask for 'strangers' opinions, and clearly I'm questioning if I should talk to him or not so hence the post.

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    • Well think of it this way. it can only end two ways:
      1. He understands and explains what the problem was and you can move on and be happy or whatever it is that floats your boat.
      2. He doesn't and you break up anyway.
      Taking into account the fact that you're already considering a breakup, i think this is pretty much a win-win type of situation for you.

    • Yeah this is true. It's not a win win, and I'm not considering a break solely on this. It's the icing on the cake but thanks because when you're in a situation a clearer perspective def helps!

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