I just don't understand why?

I'm divorced to start out with and I had a great job making really good money,, one day I was just getting ready to head out the door for work all of a sudden I get a text from my bosses son whom I had been working with the entire time the text simply said it had come to light the problems my ex and I had been having and they felt like I couldn't be trusted any longer to continue working for them so I lost my job and the same day I find out my boss gave the money she owed me to my ex-wife I texted my ex and nicely asked if she'd mind bringing it to me because I needed to pay my rent, a few minutes later I received a text from my ex that said No! I'm keeping it and I don't give a shit what you do even if you end up living on the streets with absolutely nothing just wish it was winter still,, I live in Idaho the winter was very cold and I had already spent 6 months living that way because of her, I love her very much and would do anything for her and yes she knows that I've told her plenty of times that I would, I've given her money I've came to her rescue when she asked me to help, I've always been the one that helps her whenever she needs help and now I have no place to live and lost most everything I had because she was having a bad day at work, I've been dealing with her bipolar disorder for awhile now and this time cost me everything why does it seem like when she gets mad I end up paying for it?,,,,, I just don't understand why,,,,, can anyone help me to understand why I still love her and why I would do anything to be with her when all she has done is treat me like shit for almost the last year? I just don't get it


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  • People usually go back to their abusers. Not sure why your boss paid your ex wife though. I hope you get that back. I hate when people treat each other like that.

    • thanks for your input I have been staying away from her since this happened and we are divorced now I have a new place and she doesn't know where I am living oh the reason she got my money is that she's friends with the lady that I was remodeling the house for apparently she said she would give it to me little did the boss lady know what she actually meant by her comment I still don't have a job but I am trying everyday

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    • thanks but she's been texting me most of the night and into the morning that's why I'm up at this hour oh it's 4:16

    • hey could you message me lareina I'm just wondering if you and I could just talk

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  • you are better off without her, you need to get away from her, she is toxic

    • thank you and yes I know you are right we are divorced and since she got me fired I have been keeping my distance and I haven't let her know where I am living now

    • that's good

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