How many of you girls?

Have heard one of your girl friends bitch and complain bout an ex who cheated on her, and you sat there thinking, if I was him I would have too, hell if I was him I wouldn't have even dated you. But yet on the outside you agree with her.

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  • Why would I be friends with someone that annoys me? And besides. There's never an excuse for cheating. Atleast never a good one. I might just think that I wouldn't of been with her, but why would you cheat on someone because they're annoying? Just leave the person.

  • I have a friend who I think it a little bit crazy and I don't agree with the way she treats her boyfriend. If I were him, I wouldn't date her. If he cheated on her, I would probably understand why he did, but I wouldn't agree with it. If you aren't happy in your relationship, you should end it and find someone you are happy with rather than being dishonest and cheating.

    That being said, she's my friend, of course I would comfort her and agree that what he did was awful. There aren't many people that I would say DESERVE to be cheated on.

    • I was just using cheating as a starting point. My ex accused me of cheating on her with girls I have never met. Of course later I found out cheated on me, which was probably why she accused me of doing it because she was able to get away with it, so she probably thought I was doing the same. Then after the relationship her friends told me she cheated on me, and I was like well why didn't you tell me in the first place, and they were like, because I didn't want (girls name) to be mad at me.

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