In love with a Brazilian?

I met a Brazilian girl online.. more than 2 years ago. we talk like 3 times a week. I am in love with her. and so she is ( as she sayed ) I decided to meet her and travell to Brazil on next dec... the problem... 1 we are different religion... 2 we are from different countries ( I am arabian ) ...3 we have very different traditions..4 I am freaked out of meeting her cuz I think she expect some rich amazing Guy..5 what if she wasn't serious. in love ( she is only 21) ... should I go?


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  • Please listen to me and don't go. You're just attached to her that makes her feel like the one/special/perfect for you.
    Most probably she's fucking another guy and wants you to go there to have fun and spend your money (as another guy said, 2 years is a long time). There are plenty of beautiful women around you, save yourself from being hurt and a few thousands of dollars.

    • she is super rich. she is vergin. I am sure of that.. but she might be exaaaaactly as u sayed in begining ( loving the feeling of being admired by some 1 ) .

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  • they worship to money dont love brazilian girls

  • 2 years is a long time to invest to be fake or not serious but if you are different religions then it's only a problem if one of you forces their beliefs on the other, people have gotten together and still keep their own faith

    • you think I should go? what if she didn't like the real me? and what after meeting her , Arabians dont date. I am supposed to wait 4 years till she finish college and trusting her not meeting any guy in that time 😐. it's crazy I knoooow

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    • Can't open the link, what's it's a about or is it a pic only?

    • hmm.. no it's a comedian video ( u can copy the link and paste it in browser but add h in its begining. ) ... it's exactly represent what I am scared of 😂😂😂

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