Ex said he needs to talk because he feelings are all over the place?

What would you think it meant if an ex said "i need to sit down and have a conversation with you, my feelings are all over the place" after having asked a couple days ago if I still was in love with him. He asked me a couple times and kept insisting I answer because I kept trying to change the subject. I asked why he wanted to know and he said he was curious. So last night, I texted and asked him if he was in love with me since he'd asked, and that's when he said his feelings were all over the place. I told him I wouldn't be angry if he wasn't in love anymore and it was "no biggie :)" and he said "yes it is" and then I asked if he meant his feelings about me changed a lot often and he said no.
I thought it was usually not a good thing if someone said their feelings were all over the place
He also texts me almost everyday to at least say hi, even though I've said that I didn't think we should really talk anymore.
And I asked him last night why he still talks to me and he said "because I miss you"


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  • Had an ex doing the same stuff. Borderline stalking. Calling me late at night. She kept asking if I loved her too... I do but love ain't enough to fix a bad match. Like you I would not answer that q. What helped was when I told her there was ZERO chance of us getting back together. Now she acts normal and we are platonic friends. She's not a bad person. Just a bad girlfriend. Ha


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  • Well, it indicates confusion. But really, he's your ex. You don't owe him your emotional investment, or a "talk". He can go sort out his own feelings.


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