Can someone start to regret and begin to grieve a break up after many many months or a year/years?

We had a fairytale of 1,5 years, we were so in love with each other and went through so much together. He was so loving and caring. İ was his first love he was my first love. but then i messed up and broke up with him due to my insecurities eventhough i knew i loved him with all my heart. He was devastated but my mind was already made up. Then after a week i couldn't hold on and went back to him, he took me back but we fought a lot and a month later he eventually said he was done and want us to move on after he caught me answering to the messages of some guy. İ kept telling him that i didn't do anything wrong and resisted breaking up telling him i love him and don't want it to end and try harder. He said he believes me but that he can't trust me not leaving him ever again and that he doesn't want to put his energy on us anymore because fundamental trust is broken.

İt's been 4 months post break up and my ex seems totally fine with it. İ reached out to him 3 times during this period to make it clear that i want us back, he said he was fine with his decision but maybe down the road fate will bring us back together. İs there a chance he will ever regret his decision? He was so in love with me and so proud of our relationship, thats why i still can't believe how he isn't at least sad and started already dating a new girl. Didn't i mean anything to him?


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  • i went through a similar scenario.. we loved each other so much and had a 2 year relationship but she messed up, her character started changing. She left me - I cried my eyes out for her. She then came back after 3 months - we got a long but with lots of fights. A year later I was cold hearted as she wouldn't calm herself with her fights. Slowly and gradually she meant very little to me. I moved on and found another girl within a month. She was fuming and hurt but I couldn't be sorry because she led me to that path and her actions caused my feelings to die. I couldn't believe or I couldn't see that we'll still be together a year later. I don't regret my decision and am now happier with my current girlfriend.

    So I assume your ex is going through the same phase. his feelings died out probably and couldn't see a future between you two anymore.

    • Do you still think of her or miss her or compare the new girl to her? Or are you really completely over her? is there something she can do to win you back like proving you she has changed, she loves your dearly, etc?

    • İ know you told your feelings died yes, but İ'm trying to figure out how he is thinking about me. if he ever thinks about me know and then or longs to me

    • I still think of her and stalk her on social media from time to time. I do listen to music and think of her sometimes but I don't think I'll have her back regardless of what extremes she goes to to earn me again. I think if I see her again my heart will pound yes but my brain is in control and will reject her.

      She will remain as my true love that I once had. But it's time to find someone who respects me and makes me happy and look to settle with.

      In your perspective, just move on. Believe me you'll find someone that will make you happy and you'll look back and say 'what an idiot I was, this is much better'. Don't forget, time heals anything.

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