How to move on? my heart says keep trying but the facts say im living in the past and need to get the fuck over it?

i was with this guy for nearly a year. we had a fight and it ended badly and dint talk for 6 months. he recently came back and that eneded badly aswell i just dont know how im supose to move on... no guy has ever made me feel the way he does. when im around him all my problems dont matter and holes in my heart just fill instantly. he was my best friend. he's the only guy i know will ever make me as happy as i was when i was with him. we have so many memories but because of the way things ended he honeslty hates me. he makes me feel so worthless and shit theese days but no matter what he does i still deeply love him and all i want is him around. we went through a lot of shit and the bumps and hurdles im facing atm the only person who could help me or make me feel sane is him but im not what he wants anymore. i physcically need him so much but he couldnt care. when we broke up he hit the drugs hard so he's a complete asshole theese days and i just miss how things were and i know if we worked things out both our lives would get better because we were eachothers glue when shit fell apart but there's nothing i can do and i can't move on and i dont know what to do because its causing more pain holding on to something thats now in the past :(?


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  • make new frnds.. date some one.. and keep urself busy in ur hobby or thing u enjoy to do...
    i knw how it feels like..
    i my case she didn't broke up.. she is no more actually..

  • what you need to do is get a new boyfriend and above the other guy put of your mind, don't even talk to your ex once

    • i honeslty am not interested in anyone else. I've gotten close with a couple guys since but nothing feels right

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