Girls, How should I go about breaking a period of no contact after I was the one that gave no response to her last text?

after our breakup, I made the mistake of freaking out, sending texts about loving her, asking what I did wrong, and apologizing. I later realized these could have seemed manipulative even though not intended. The breakup was because she truly needed space, she didn't have time, and was dealing with severe anxiety problems so seeing a counselor.

This is was the closest to a fight we had in the year together, otherwise we could talk out disagreements easily. In this I decided after a text saying it was over I didn't Reply, which I normally would have said I would respect what she says, instead, I just deleted our text history, turned off text alerts from her so I wouldn't constantly check my phone. She was insisting it truly wasn't me, but I have come to understand it was both of us, I was always in touch with her by text, but it was because I had told her at one time she never was required to respond immediately, that many times it was out of boredom at work or I was taking a break, where I would send texts to my friends. I now know it was too much, as since we broke up, I started to pursue things that keep me very busy, started a new business, in fact I'm certain that as busy as I am now, it could be a full day before a text, maybe even longer.

i would love to forget the past, be able to talk again and go on dates from time to time. Apologizing is redundant, I figure asking how she and the kids are is right, but need a bit more to it, such as saying I saw something that reminded me of a good time we had and made me think of her. My feelings have calmed down, still love her but now know there is more to life and either way, yes or no, things will be ok. I've realized a relationship can't make me happy, just add to happiness. I need to text it, we live an hour apart, can't just show up, I figure it needs to be short too.


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  • i think you should message her and tell her that you want to meet up and talk about it. Maybe you'll get to fix it, or maybe not, but at least you'll get closure. Just be calm about it, don't freak out on her again, that will scare her xD

    • I agree, definitely not to freak out. Hopefully I could get the chance. Many times I wonder how she feels, if it's bothered her not hearing from me, having second thoughts, missing me and so on. The one thing I hate about texts is the uncertainty of everything. There were things I needed to tell her, but only in person, I never got to say when she backed out of meeting up. I actually don't want to discuss the past problems, rather, leave it in the past.

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