Why am I alone?

My boyfriend left me. I found out that he was playing around with some cyber-slut he met online. Nice hey? Now I live alone in a 3 bedroomed house all on my own and left paying bills. What is it with men? Do they ever grow up and become mature enough to take on the responsibilities of home life? Now I sit here after work crying and wondering what I am going to do. I look down at my pay check and have to decide what bills to pay. My nearest neighbour may as well be on the moon, I could never really get to know them anyway because my ex didn’t like them. Maybe now is the time to call on them to see if they want to get together for a drink. I need someone to talk to and that is why I had decided to try this site. I am also thinking of getting a pet just for company, and let’s face it, they won’t up and leave like he did.

I may have to go and see a doctor because of all this confusion, I have started to forget simple things like taking my keys with me. I came in drunk two nites ago and when I woke up the next morning I noticed that I had kicked my door. Now, I have to wait 4 weeks to get paid for someone to come out and fix it. This is how bad things are getting for me. I just want to give up sometimes and leave the house and just go live back at my moms if she will let me there. My electric bill is due soon as well, and it looks like I won’t be able to pay, this is all his fault running to a sleazy woman and leaving me to pay everything. Some love this was. Love don’t pay for nothing. And now I feel that love just takes everything away and leaves a mess. I never really did well in school and maybe this is why I always pick the wrong guys, they always seen me coming and just took advantage, and there’s silly old me in love with them.

I sleep now. When we shared a bed his arms would be all over me and he would snore and roll over just as I am about to fall off to sleep.

Why am I alone?
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