My ex said I changed and that's why he fell out of love with me but I didn't change?

I'm the same person... he said I was less productive and had a low self esteem the day we were about to break up. but 1 year ago I also went through that phase and he was in love anyway. we were together for 2 years. it hurts so much. I can't have a relationship with no one then , because I'll be afraid that he will fall out of love !


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What Guys Said 1

  • he has no more interest, think mutually. accept it, move on (i know it's hards.. you can't force someone to love you)

    • why no more interest

    • coz he fell out of love. as mentioned in the post.

    • I wish i could make him want me again! How i get over ir?

What Girls Said 1

  • you've not changed then its just an excuse to blame you for him falling out of love. he feels guilty for hurting you so he's just blaming you


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