How do I get her back?

OK, so my ex keeps sticking her nose in my business. We have be divorced for a year and a half. Anyway, I am down at a bar, and the girl I was dating was there. We were both doing our own thing and my ex comes in. She starts running her mouth and getting in my face, talking trash to me about me and about the girl I was dating. We start arguing, and she starts to shove me. Her sister gets between us, and breaks up the fight, well she (my ex) continues to talk trash and the girl I was dating sees it all. She dumps me cause she says she has been in those situations before and does not want to be back there. I really liked this girl and was taking it super slow cause that is what she wanted to do. Well, I need advice... I have told her how I feel and that I don't act like that, she just really knows how to push my buttons. Her friends even told her how my ex was.
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Well, thanks for the advice... I can tell by talking to her that she wants to work things out, but she will not let herself. I have decided best to just leave her be, instead of turning into that wierdo creepy guy. thanks again...
How do I get her back?
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