Fell for a loner, He wants me back.. Help?

So I fell for a 'loner' a few months ago.
I gave him ample space and went at the pace I thought he was comfortable with.

It moved very fast for both us and stupidly we both went with it for 2 months.

He cancelled a weekend away we had booked the day before and let me down a week later to meet up as 'friends'.

Forward 3 months.. were in contact, He's apologised and been honest with me.
But I don't think he can give me the support and emotion I'd need from a partner (I've told him this and that if he wants something enough he'll get it.. no one can do the work for him) also that I can't fix the anxiety he has, he needs to do that for himself etc etc..

He replied with he wants to be a better person and he felt he was around me.. and that he wants me.

Do I run now before he let's me down again. I just don't know?
I've been really hurt in the past by exes and he's let me down already...

Can a loner change his ways and step up to the plate?

when I say loner I mean.. he's never had an adult relationship because he pushed people away, buries all of his worries, isn't close to anyone and doesn't do well with emotion or confronration. Lives the loner lifestyle.

I'm also worried that I'm his only option, because he finfmds it hard meeting new people.. im worried I'm his only option too.
Nobody wants to be 'that's all I have so why not' girl...

Run for the hills.. He's done it once, he'll do it again
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If he's not capable now of dealing with a relationship then he never will be
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Give it time, Even though I'm opening up for it to continue like that
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Do nothing, He needs to prove his salt now
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Fell for a loner, He wants me back.. Help?
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