How to move on?

i went through a super bad break up and its been a few months now and while he's happy and moved on with the girl he cheated on me with, im still stuck and upset.

Im scared no one will love me like he did and I hate knowing he's loving someone else the way he used to love me.

I miss him and he openly tells me he doesn't care for me... how do i move on...


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  • It's not just about getting back out there and talking to people. you'll be happy as soon as you find a genuine man that cares for you, and will remove the thoughts of any fuckboys from your past


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  • if he cheated, he definitely didn't loved you enough and there are guys who will love you, so don't be scared of that!


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  • The best revenge for an ex, especially for some douche like this guy, is to create a beautiful life. It always, always make them second guess themselves about their decision. At least in the case of the 3 exes I dated before getting married. All 3 were serious relationships. Block his number, work-out, hang out with friends, etc. It completely sucks! I was always the dumpee and everyone of my exes, whether they reached out or we ran into each other, always tried to get back with me. I've been where you're at. Do better for yourself, then everything else will fall into place. Im 32, but wish I know then what I know now. I begged and became obsessed with my exes when they would break up with me. Im a little older and wiser now and realize, its mind over matter and I hold the key to my own happiness. Good luck. It gets better.

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