Why would a guy sleep with relative? What would you do if it happened to you?

I was taking to this older guy (10 years older to be exact and I'm in my twenties). I got pregnant by him. During my pregnancy, an associate of ours told me that my boyfriend or his brother slept with my aunt. I asked him about it and he denied it. 3 months after I had our baby, we had a disagreement about something minor with lead to him telling me how he'd gotten on my my family member's pregnant. The girl he was talking about is someone that was adopted by my grandma... it lead to him being upset arguing to me about how he got my relative pregnant and swore up and down we were related. I was shocked, furious, sad, I knew not how to respond. I kicked him out. He text I don't respond. What would you have done? I now don't believe anything he has said. His credibility is gone, for all I know he had sex with my aunt as well.


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  • he is sick so is your aunt for letting this happen


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  • he's sausage has been around.. if he keeps texting you is he wanting to come back? ... but tbh he's a total douche - plain simple manhoe ... 30yrold and pregnating women with no foreseen outcomes


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