He tells me he loves me and then dumps me the following day. What happen?

This is a new relationship, even though we've known each other for the past few years because we worked together. He's had a crush on me for almost two years and recently decided to give it a try because we were in good places in our lives. We've only been officially dating for a month and a half. A week into dating, he told me he wanted to be my boyfriend. We constantly made remarks that we were perfect for one another. However, he was very insecure in our relationship. He always would say things how I'm too cool, too perfect, too beautiful. He was actually so insecure that he had problems staying hard the first few times we were sexual together. He was always worried he was going to "F something up". I fell for him hard.

Here's where it ended -- one day last week, he told me he loved me... that he's scared to love me, but he will regardless. He joked that he was obsessed with me and couldn't leave me alone if he tried. He also said he was "absolutely head over heels". Then the following day, he says he needs to be alone right now, it's moved too fast, that he's a terrible boyfriend and it will all come down on me in the end... that I could do better. He has not spoken to me since. He blows off any text I throw his way. And I'm left here wondering what happened.

So last night, I sent him a text saying that I'm going to leave him alone, that I got the message. I told him that I was removing him from my social media not to be dramatic, but because I need to move on. I also said that I felt like we were making a giant mistake.

I guess my question is -- WHAT HAPPENED? Where do I go from here? And is there a chance he'll come around again? I'm so lost.
He tells me he loves me and then dumps me the following day. What happen?
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