Am I over thinking this? Or did I mess up?

A friend who I truly like (and she knows) and just got out of a relationship (guy used her for a green card wedding ). She was asking me over text questions about selling her ring. I offered to help and to make things not awkward I change the subject to her job. And then I sent her another text saying " keep your head up. You're going through this situation very strong and I'm here if you need anything." She read my text but hasn't replied in hrs. Did I mess up? am I just over thinking this? I obviously know she's not looking for anything now, but I'm hoping for something in the future.


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  • see the problem is that you're hoping for something in the future with her and it's very clear that she does not see that with you at all. you got to make your intentions genuine and not be making your attention based on what you can try to do to show her that you're the 'it' guy. you know that's not for you to decide but your actions are showing differently. did not reply because more likely she already felt like you was trying to come on to her already. so at this point if it's proven true that that's the case then yeah you truly mess it up as her friend. if you say that you going to be there for her as a friend prove that by not overstepping your boundaries. otherwise there's no point being her friend if you can't learn to respect hers.

    • Background: we Been talking very closely for a long time. We always knew that we had a thing for each other but it was always bad timing on both sides.

      1. I would like to know what makes you think she doesn't feel the same way about me? ( I highly disagree )

      2. I'm very genuine. I don't do things because I want to be the "it" guy

      3. I've always showed her time after time that I was always there for her as a friend

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    • It doesn't mean that you words aren't genuine, it has everything to do with the meaning behind those words. Because as women that's what we do we look what's between those words.

    • I completely agree with you on the holding on part and that she sees things differently bc we have history, The future is a gamble no matter what you're talking about. It can be a relationship, job, stocks, etc. but if I end up finding someone before she realizes what she wants then I'm not gonna change my mind. I'm Not going to rearrange my whole entire life because she want something. I'm gonna keep going on with my life. But if I make a decision to gamble it then that's on me. I can't blame her. Especially what's out there today in this world On finding someone, sometime you have to go against the odds and risk it.

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  • Sounds like a conversation closer to me, I might take that and go. Talk later maybe. You're over thinking it. Check up on her the next day or after that if you're so worried.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I was going to text her tomorrow around this time

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