Will he come back to me?

So, my ex boyfriend and I were together a year and a half. We spoke about marriage, children, buying a home together, etc. We knew we were the one for eachother. We had an apartment together for a year as well.
A few weeks ago we got into an argument about something small and I told him I wasn't going to his brothers wedding out of anger. He then said that he was done and to move out the following day. We were both furious at eachother. So, I moved out like he requested and didn't go to his brothers wedding because I thought I was no longer welcomed.
2 days later he said that he can not get back together with me because his family no longer likes me and that I hurt them by not showing up to the wedding. I didn't go because he dumped me the night before and I didn't feel welcomed or that I should even be there.
its been two and a half weeks now, and he texts me everyday, facetimes me sometimes, invited me over, and we've even been intimate a few times as well. I've tried the no contact thing, and he got so mad at me...
BUT, he says he needs time to figure out what he wants, like time and space. He says he still loves me, and aside from all this drama, he can picture himself marrying me still. He still follows me on social media, but he took all of our photos and stuff down. (Not sure if that matters)

I am so confused on what to do. I want him back. he's my bestfriend and I've never been so crazy or serious about anyone before. But, he keeps giving me mixed signals. Will he come back?


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  • its ether get back with him or stop it and live your life as he's playing games with you like a little boy lying and putting you down

    • I want to get back with him; He's the one that's saying that he needs time and space, yet he keeps sending me these mixed signals.

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  • So, basically he broke up with you but continues to contact you at his leisure and have sex with you?

    • Yes. I've tried ignoring him, but he got furious at me.

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    • Thank you!

    • No problem! Good luck to you :)

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