Is my ex in denial and will he ever want me back?

I dated my ex boyfriend for about two years. We broke up because he was having family problems and couldn't handle a relationship at the same time. I kept fighting for him to come back to me, but of course it'll only pushed him away.

After about three weeks he acted like he wanted to get back together. I was happy and scared at the same time.

I left for six days to go to Florida to visit a friend and when I came home he loved me, but he wasn't in love with me anymore. And that

This was something new for him and he liked it. It made me go insane that he didn't want me. I would text him telling him how much I love him and ask to see him

Sometimes he would and sometimes he wouldn't. Eventually he ended up changing his number and I found out about it and asked why.

He was telling people I was crazy and so I confronted him and he was just an ass to me. For two weeks after that every time he saw me in a public

Place he had to make so unnecessary rude comment to my face whenever people were around. After two weeks he text me his new number and

Told me I didn't deserve anything he had been doing and was ready to be we ended up going for a drive that night and it was awkward at first but eventually we went

Back to his house. Things got more normal he kissed me told me he missed some things then he told me he felt guilty and had slept with another girl to try and get over me. Before I left his house

He showed jealousy saying he had dreams about me being with other guys. I think he's ashamed of himself because my parents know how he's been acting. Since then he's told me he doesn't

Love me anymore and well never be together again so don't tell anyone that we are. The last thing he said basically was to stop talking to him please when all I would

Say is that things could be better. Its been three months total since we've broke up and almost three weeks since he said that to me.

What should I do? And do you think its all just a phase and hell come back?


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  • Im kinda going thru the same thing.. I think you need to just move on and forget about him I know is hard, I'm tryna do that too..but is the only answer... he won't appreciate you until he realizes what he lost


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