We got into a fight. a few days later I text him and this is what he does? why?

my boyfriend of four years who was a really sweet, generous, a bit moody guy but sooo much caring and just loved me soo much. by moody I mean when he's relaxed and happy he made me feel like the queen of the world and when he's upset he becomes violent. doesn't hit me but starts to just make me feel bad by ignoring and fighting. recently we got into a fight because of his brother and my friend. things took a nasty turn. he started saying that all this that is happening is too much for him and that also he's feeling that me and his parents are now expecting too much from him because of this relationship. we're 20 he said that we're not even engaged yet and our families and me have started expecting a lot. and that he's not even settled yet but before a few months he was the one talking about how our wedding is still a few years away because of studies and he was all happy talking about it. and then he said he's thinking about breaking up for now. obviously I got very upset and told him to break up permanently I dont want to keep waiting for him to change his mind. I was angry. so he broke up with me. then a few days later, even though he was the one that made a small fight between friends that kind of included our relationship, a hugee deal that he started thinking about breaking up, still I wanted to work things out. I texted him longg longg paragraphs asking him what's he feeling and all. I gave him a few days to cool off and then sent the texts. but guess what... he saw my messages and BLOCKED me😢 what? did his love just go away? is he happy after hurting me like this? what the actual f**k


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  • It's over. Sorry

    • maybe. just feels bad and used and betrayed

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    • yeah I have given up on him and this relationship the day he broke up with me.

    • and I won't ever try to be friends ofcourse. if its meant to be it will be. I leave it upto god and fate.

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  • Dang girl! He saw his exit and he left! Keep your parents out of your relationship

    • well I can't keep his parents out of the relationship can I? it was his parents and they expected too much from him. and about the exit. I think I mentioned that we were together for four years and our relationship was one of the greatest things that happened to him. it was the only good thing in his life because his family life... not that great

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    • dang I'm so sorry this is happening to you.. I can't imagine how you are feeling I'd say take this as a lesson learned but it's literally not you that's the problem

    • yes thanks for this. I just hope he's not happy either after hurting me like this.

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