Did I make a mistake of getting my ex flowers for her birthday?

It is my ex's birthday and I got her flowers. I brought them to her house. I don't know if i made a mistake by doing that. she did like them but I don't know if she meant it. I think she was a little surprised by it. I didn't get to say why i got her the flowers besides it it her birthday. Should I send her a text explaining the flowers? Thoughts?


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  • Sweet thought, really. But creepy if it's your ex. That's a little weird.

    • we do work together, so we see each other a lot. We started talking again recently. She was having a hard week and she was big part of my life. She is also still special to me.

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  • What was your end game?

    • what do you mean?

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    • If you hand delivered it, you have little chance of getting her back.

      A simple text would have done wonders instead of giving her flowers. Now, you come off as desperate.

    • I wanted to do something nice besides a text. I just didn't tell her why I got her flowers. I would not mention I still like her.

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