I loved a girl. I proposed her after 2 years because of possessiveness. no response till now. 1year passed. she got angry. wt shd I do now?

she got angry. also my frnds got angry because I lied a lot and hided it for 2 years. I tried not to disturb her with this topic. but I can't able to control. so I told her. she was already had a broke up where I struggled to bring her life back. but now here I lost mine thinking about her whole life. can't forget her. what shd I do? whether she will consider me or not. it's been 1 yr we didn't had a word from her side. I tried 3 times to have word. I asked sorry. no response. nothing. I don't know how to convince her.


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  • You can't convince her. As soon as a man shows his jealous, mean and possessive streak, women start to look for an out. She's finished with you. Besides, what's to prevent you from going back to your old possessive habits as soon as you're back together? Nothing. You haven't changed and you're expecting her to want you when she left you because of you. Best to get some therapy and move on.


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